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At chair feet UK we supply replacement feet for chairs and tables in a large range of types, shapes and sizes. We provide replacement feet for schools and other educational facilities across the country, as well as community halls, theatres, restaurants, offices & other businesses, & we also sell smaller quantities of feet to the public for use in the home or garden. Trading since 1995, we are one of the oldest and leading independent suppliers of spare parts for furniture and all our quality products are manufactured in the UK.

Chair Feet UK. Replacement fittings for chairs and tables

Replacement feet for chairs and tables

The vast majority of school and college furniture is fitted with plastic end covers, chair & table feet, inserts or ferrules. These prevent the metal ends of the furniture legs from marking or damaging the floor. Replacement feet for chairs offer an inexpensive method of extending the life of your existing chairs and tables, making savings by replacing the feet rather than replacing the furniture itself, and also promoting re-use and recycling rather than disposal & replacement of furniture.

Aside from floor protection, replacing or upgrading chair and table feet can also improve the gripping or non-slip qualities of the furniture, which increases stability and helps to avoid health and safety related issues. Some feet are also used for noise reduction.

Whether you require round inserts or outside-fitting feet, rubber ferrules, metal end caps, saddle feet, angled, square, oval or rectangular inserts or ferrules, we stock fittings for most sizes, past and present. We take pride in being able to match many requirements for chair and table fittings that are no longer being produced by the furniture manufacturers themselves.

Our replacement feet for chairs are high quality and durable and are suitable for heavy & long-term use in schools. Some of our fittings are also used on industrial & gym equipment. They are hard-wearing and easy to fit.

Please browse through our product pages, and if the type or size of fitting you require is not listed on our website, please contact us as we have many other different types and sizes in stock, and if not in stock, we can aim to source them for you.

If you are unsure how to measure for the correct size please refer to our handy FAQ or just give us a call!

Plastic Chair Feet


Here are some common questions about Replacement Chair Feet.

When is the best time to replace my chair feet?

The best time to replace your chair feet will depend on the specific condition of the feet and the usage of the chair. In general, chair feet should be inspected regularly, at least once or twice a year, and replaced if they show signs of wear and tear or damage. Some signs that it may be time to replace your chair feet include:

  • Worn down tips or ends: If the tips or ends of the chair feet are worn down, they will not be able to provide the same level of support and protection for the floor.
  • Cracks or breaks: If the chair feet are cracked or broken, they will not be able to provide the same level of support and protection for the floor.
  • Scratches or dents on the floor: If you notice scratches or dents on the floor in the areas where the chair is used, it’s possible that the chair feet are worn and need to be replaced.
  • Uneven wear: If you notice that certain feet are worn down more than others, it’s likely that they need to be replaced.
  • Unlevelled: If the chair is not level and you see that one or more feet are worn down more than the others, it’s likely that they need to be replaced.

It is important to replace the chair feet as soon as possible when you notice any of these signs. This will ensure that your chair is stable and safe to use, and will also help to protect your flooring from damage.


Which is the best type of replacement chair foot?

The best type of replacement chair foot will depend on the specific needs of your chair and the type of flooring it will be used on. Here are a few types of replacement chair feet that are commonly used:

  • Plastic feet: We have a special compound which is high quality & hard-wearing so provides long-lasting floor protection, & is also relatively inexpensive to purchase.
  • Rubber feet: These are a popular choice because they are durable and provide good traction on most types of flooring. As well as noise reduction, they also offer good protection for the floor.
  • Metal feet: These are extremely durable & also suitable for abrasive floors.

All our replacement chair feet have the added bonus of promoting re-use and recycling of furniture rather than replacement.

Ultimately, the best type of replacement chair foot will depend on the type of chair you have, the type of flooring in the area where it will be used, and the way you’ll use the chair. It’s important to consider all these factors when choosing replacement chair feet.

External (outside fitting) heavy duty chair tips are the preferred design for easy application and durability – they also cover unsightly marks at the bottom of the chair or table leg.
With square fittings we recommend inserts, as they have shown over time to last longer.


How do I measure my chair feet?

To measure the correct size for your furniture, turn a chair upside down & measure, with a caliper, ruler or tape measure, the outside diameter of a leg (the tube diameter, or outside width if they are square)

Place the measure on top of the end of one of the legs and measure straight across the middle. Include the width of the metal on both sides in the measurement – do not just measure the size of the hole in the centre, even if you want to order inserts. We need the maximum width of the metal to make sure that it will all be covered by the plastic foot in order to fully protect the floor.

For other shapes such as oval and rectangular legs, follow the same procedure but measure across the middle in both directions so you will end up with two measurements e.g. 30 x 15mm

Help! My new chair feet don’t fit properly

If your new replacement feet for chairs feet don’t fit properly then it is likely that you have ordered the wrong size. Please contact us so that we can work out which size you need instead, and discuss returns & replacements with you.

How long is lead time?

Most of our replacement feet for chairs are delivered on the next day courier service, subject to stock, and smaller orders may take 2 or 3 days through the post office service.

Which style and size do I need to order?

If you need replacement feet for chairs, but are not sure of the correct style or size you need, please either contact us for a chat, email us some photos of your chairs, or you can even pop a sample of your old chair / table foot in the post to us so that we can take a look and ascertain either a match or a suitable alternative for you.

Replacement feet for chairs

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If you are not sure of the size you need, please check out our easy measuring guide, or contact us to ask for our Free Sample Pack of replacement feet for chairs.

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Our replacement feet for chairs are usually delivered within 2-3 days of receipt of order. Offering a competitive and efficient service, we only provide reputable and fully guaranteed products. All our products are manufactured to conform to heavy contract use requirements.

Replacement Chair Feet Fittings

Chair Feet UK, suppliers of replacement feet for chairs in the UK.

If you are in doubt over the specifications of any replacement feet for chairs, chair feet, chair inserts or other furniture fittings that you wish to replace, please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt and friendly service and advice. We are an approachable and family-run business. We care about customer satisfaction, and about preserving our reputation for reliability and quality.

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