Chair Feet Measuring Guide

Chair Feet Measuring Guide: To measure the correct size for your furniture fitting:

When measuring chair feet, a flexible tape measure typically works best. It can easily wrap around the foot to measure the circumference, which is especially important if your chair feet are round or oval. If your chair has square or rectangular feet, a standard tape measure will also work fine.

Turn the chair / table upside down and measure straight across the top of an up-turned leg to get the Outside Diameter.  Include the metal wall on each side in the measurement to get the maximum width of the leg.  (Do not just measure the size of the ‘hole’ if requiring inserts as we need to make sure that the whole width of the metal is covered by the fitting to ensure that your floor is protected).

If the legs are rectangular or oval, measure both the outside width and the outside length.

Measurements may be Imperial or metric depending on your furniture (inches or cm/mm).

Please contact us if you require any help or advice –  just give us a call  or send an email for a quick response.

If you are still unsure of the size, or your fitting does not look like any of the parts we have listed on our website, please contact us for assistance.  We stock and/or can source may other types and sizes of furniture fittings – have a chat with us and you can always pop one of your old fittings in the post to us so that we can try to identify it and determine a match.  (Please note any samples of old fittings sent to us in the post will not be returned to you).

Chair Feet Measuring Guide