Furniture Feet

Replacement fittings for wooden and tubular furniture in the UK.

Furniture Feet –

Inserts and Ferrules for Tables and Chairs. Suppliers of School Furniture Feet, Chair Inserts, Table feet and Chair Ferrules in the UK.

We supply replacement inserts, ferrules, tips and chair stoppers. All our plastic feet are manufactured in the UK, and help to prevent the metal ends of the furniture from marking the floor. Replacement furniture feet can extend the life of your existing chairs and tables. Chair feet make savings by replacing the feet on chairs and tables instead of replacing the furniture itself.

Whether your fittings are Round Chair feet, Square Chair Inserts, Angled Chair Fittings or Rectangular Ferrules, we stock chair and table fittings for most sizes, past & present. Chair feet are easy to install and stay tight on the legs. No nails, tools or adhesives needed. Chair feet easily slip on any stool, table or chair leg, and provide a smooth, scratch resistant surface to the floor.