Oval Chair Feet / Leg Caps / Chair Inserts

Our Oval Chair Feet are suitable for use on oval legged furniture for both floor protection and noise reduction. Oval inserts fit flush to the outside dimensions of the tube, so offer a very neat-looking solution, protect the floor from any sharp edges & also prevent dirt & debris from going up inside the chair leg.
Our oval feet are high-quality & durable, and are a tight push-fit which are easy to install either by hand or tapped in with a rubber mallet.

Suppliers of School Chair Feet, Chair Inserts, Table feet, Chair Ferrules and Chair Tips in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

* Oval Inserts suitable for Oval Tube Floor Protection
* Oval Insert floor protection and noise reduction
* These feet are usually metric

If you are not sure of the size you need, or your size is not shown on this page, please contact us to ask for our Free Sample Pack.