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Our quality & durable square ribbed furniture inserts provide protection for the floor from scratches and damage caused by chair and table legs. They also improve the stability of the furniture and provide some noise reduction as they act as shock absorbers, cushioning the impact & minimising the sound produced when furniture is moved across the floor.

They are made from a heavy duty polyethylene, manufactured in the UK, and are long-lasting compared to other lower density feet as they have been made to withstand heavy use in a school classroom setting.

Our square chair and table feet are easy to install either by hand or tapped in using a rubber mallet and are ideal replacements for worn or missing feet to extend the life of your existing furniture.

Square feet are used for a variety of purposes, from floor protection & noise reduction on chairs and tables, to neat capping for tube ends, and stoppers for such items as gym equipment & football goal posts.

Square Chair and Table Leg Floor Protectors

Angled Square Inserts

Square Ferrules (Outside-Fitting)

Benefits of Square chair and table leg floor protectors

Square chair leg floor protectors, also known as square table feet, square chair inserts, or square ferrules, offer several benefits when used on furniture. Here are some advantages of using these floor protectors:

1. Floor Protection: The protective pads act as a barrier between the chair legs and the floor surface, preventing any damage that may occur when furniture is dragged, slid, or moved.

2. Noise Reduction: These pads act as shock absorbers, cushioning the impact and minimizing the sound produced when furniture legs come in contact with the floor.


Square Chair Inserts

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