SP177: 7/8″ Diameter Buffers for 7/8″ O.D. Tube

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7/8″ Diameter Buffers for 7/8″ O.D. Tube

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The 7/8-inch diameter buffers are designed as a versatile and practical solution for protecting surfaces. These bumpers are primarily used under lightweight accessories and appliances to shield surfaces from scratches and reduce noise. Made from non-marking rubber, they are suitable for use as bumpers on industrial and institutional doors.

Each pack includes four round bumpers with an integrated screw hole, allowing for easy attachment to various surfaces. These general-duty surface guard bumpers are screw-mounted and cushioned for both sound-dampening and protection of walls, doors, and floors. They are not intended for use on angled chair or table legs. The bumpers are 3/8 inch tall and come with recessed screw holes and four 1/2 inch long screws for secure installation. Pre-drilling a pilot hole is recommended to avoid wood splitting during installation.